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I am a Belgian architect/creator with Iranian roots who is based in Ghent. Through my profession I convert my personal chaos into structural order. In this way I try to find intrinsic serenity and I always use my intuition as a starting point. I try to transform my state of mind into a place that is transcended by materiality and thus forms an open narrative. I draw from daily compositions, texts, visual arts, and above all from dialogues with the other.


Mira De Boose
Deveny Faruque
Eva Raffaella Menga
Niloufar Nematollahi
Atiyeh Manavipour
Oriana Lemmens

epilogue, ENSEMBLE: an architecture of the inbetween

When I finally got to the end of my book, I realized that a large part of my references pointed to all white Western men. This really bothered me, especially today, and even more in a work called an architecture of the inbetween, in which I try to form a unity out of two cultures, the West and the Middle- East. I could not ignore this and leave it how it was.

I looked for Iranian artists who also existed as a hybrid of two identities, those who also searched for their individuality in between two worlds. For example, I hit upon the work of Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian, she also made journeys to her home country Iran to find inspiration for her own work. She sought symbolism in geometric forms and elaborated on the materiality within Iranian culture.

I started to delve deeper into her work, but in the end, I didn't even have to look that far.

I entered into a dialogue with my sisters, with friends who experienced the same thing, my family, cousins ... I started looking for stories, not for answers. All these different stories will bring us a little closer to the truth. Even though there is no truth in such a story. One by one they have something considerable to say, something else to offer and they provide a wider wealth within the inbetween story.

Hence this epilogue: an open space in which various female artists speak and give a reflection on "my" story. Women who are linked with more than solely one culture, who are connected between two or more worlds / identities. Transcultural women.

I asked them to embody their own feelings and to convey what they would like to add to the book. All these stories will bring us a little closer to an image that we can puzzle together for ourselves. A collage of experiences, as there is no ideal image.

I speak one truth, but together we speak several truths, and this ensures that I can finish the ensemble with pride.

“It’s an open-ended approach, one of no answers but  an open conversation of the form with each participant… “ - Weronika Zalewska,

 prologue of Ensemble: an architecture of the inbetween