Shervin Sheikh Rezaei شروین شیخ رضایی

In my work, I try to search for a structural order that is formed by playing with compositions. In this way, I strive for an intrinsic serenity and always use my intuition as a starting point. I try to transform my state of mind into a place that is transcended by materiality and thus forms an open narrative. I draw from daily compositions, texts, visual arts and above all, dialogue with the other. There is no constant in my work, I try to mix digital and analog into fragmented atmospheres. The visual ambiguity between architecture and art, probing my own boundaries and playing with spaces that reach for a heterotopia. I search for the transparent interface between architecture and art and try to assemble the two into one.

من یک معمار و هنرمند با ریشه ایرانی، اما زاده و بزرگ شده بلژیک و در حال حاضر در گنتدر کارم ، سعی می کنم نظمی ساختاری را جستجو کنم که با بازی با ترکیبات شکل بگیرد. به این ترتیب ، من برای یک آرامش ذاتی تلاش می کنم و همیشه از شهود خود به عنوان نقطه شروع استفاده می کنم. من سعی می کنم حالت روحی خود را به مکانی تبدیل کنم فرا تر از ماده گرایی که روایتی باز از کارم را ایجاد می‌کند. من از ساخته های روزمره ، متون ، هنرهای تجسمی و مهمتر از همه گفتگو با دیگری الهام می گیرم. در کار من هیچ ثابتی وجود ندارد ، من سعی می کنم دیجیتال و آنالوگ را در محیطی جدا جدا ترکیب کنم. ابهام بصری بین معماری و هنر ، باعث کاوش در مرزهای خودم و بازی با فضاهایی برای نزدیکی به یک هتروتوپی می شوند. من رابطی شفاف بین معماری و هنر جستجو می کنم و سعی می کنم این دو را در یک جا جمع کنم..


Sheikh Rezaei
+324 98 748 988

2021 Riso workshop week
with Leo Gabin:
Crying at the workshop,
LUCA School of Arts,
BE-  Ghent

Jury for entrance examination in autonomous design
KASK School of Arts,
BE- Ghent

Graphic Design for Artificial Architectural work
for choreographer,
Laurent Delom de Mézerac

Scénographie of exhibition: INSTITUTION BUILDING
in C.I.II.III.IV.A  Brussels
with architecten Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck Architecten - AJDVIV/ IVJDVA - Pierre Labergue,
BE- Brussels
2020 Publication of my book, ENSEMBLE: An Architecture of the Inbetween
by A.P.E. (Art Paper Editions)

Artist in Residence: Atelier Astrid, Astrid goes Coronaproof,
2019. 2020 Currently working as Architect/ Art Assistant for Jan De Vylder & Inge Vinck Architecten - AJDVIV/ IVJDVA

Workshop leader Silkscreen-printing, Atelier:
ONLINE/OFFLINE in times of Quarantaine,
LUCA School of Arts,
BE- Ghent

Teaching Mixed Media/ Design, Interior Design
LUCA School of Arts,
BE- Ghent and Brussels

Auditor for studio Field Station: Automation,
Master Architects ‘19-’20

Coordinater festival of Arts, KANON:
Stadshal BE- Ghent

Working for Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu
2018 Fieldwork Iran for masterthesis: ENSEMBLE/the architecture of 'the in/between'

Workshop Porto Academy, led by June 14
by Johanna Meyer-Grohbrügge & Sam Chermayeff Architects,
Porto, Portugal

Internship at Dhooge & Meganck Architecten
2017 Workshop Real Estate Architecture, Brussels, led by PIOVENEFABI Architects

Guide on the Festival of Architecture in Ghent, house:
De kleine Prins by Dhooge & Meganck Architecten
2016 Graphic work for Just Interior, JDW
2015. 2019 Photographer (analogue) for Clair Obscur (party concept),
Stofwolk (art collective), KRAAK (music collective) and SUBBACULTCHA
2013 AIKO architecten en ingenieurs,
BE- Maldegem
2021 NEW MASTERS, Z33: Shervin Sheikh Rezaei,

HART-Magazine: Aubrey Beardsley, Les Monseigneurs,
Shervin Sheikh Rezaei en Praneet Soi

Kiosk- Fanzine: dedicated to Linda Nochlin ,
Women of The East,
Between East ...

Surfaces Utiles, HOMERS, Art Meditation Process

IQD- Magazine for Architecture,
Italy (together with AJDVIV/ IVJDVA)
2020 Book: ENSEMBLE: An Architecture of the Inbetween
by A.P.E. (Art Paper Editions)


OD Magazine: online platform showcasing new emerging artists

Gallery Magazine n°1: VERVELING/ BOREDOM,

Coloringbook by artists in times of Corona/
Kleurboek in tijden van Corona,
2019 SUBBACULTCHA: 20 something Issue

Lecture on Book: ENSEMBLE: An Architecture of the Inbetween
for the Master Students at Faculty of Architecture,
2018 Porto Academy, booklet workshop leaded by Sam Chermayeff,
published by Nonverbalclub, Porto
2017 Field Station: Hacking The Expanded Filde,
leaded by Carneel Cannaerts and Michiel Helbig
upcoming Valerie Traan Gallery, March/ April 2022, BE- Antwerp
KIOSK, December 2021, BE- Ghent
WIJK 8, September 2021, BE-Ghent
2021 Art Meditation Process,
Nucleo BLANCO, BE- Ghent

Collaboration with Deveny Faruque,
Nucleo BLANCO, BE-Ghent

Kunsthal, BE-Ghent

Antwerp Art Weekend x Subbacultcha,
Antwerp Art Weekend, BE- Antwerp

Fertile Crescent, Pedrami Gallery,
Antwerp Art Weekend, BE- Antwerp

RENAISSANCE, Astrid Collectief,
Belfortstraat 29, BE- Ghent

SORRY, Medusa Brussels, Wunderkammer - Tom Kroll, BE- Brussels

Solo- exhibition: ENSEMBLE, An Architecture of the inbetween
booklaunch/exhibition, Nucleo BLANCO, BE- Ghent
2020 Astrid goes coronaproof, Atelier Astrid,
Persellestraat, BE- Ghent

Kunsthal, BE- Ghent

Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Giftshop,
Kunsthal and CAMPO Victoria, BE- Ghent

Archive/ Website Launch, World Wide Web,
Pekelharing, BE- Ghent
2018 Grand Tour,
De Wasserij van Vlaanderen, BE- Ghent
2017 Bauhaus festival: Labyrinth stage,
Bauhaus university, Weimar, Germany

Reverse Perspective,
organised by Wim Goes, Volkmar Mühleis and Johannes Berry,
Yügen, BE- Ghent
2017. 2018 Graduated (cum laude) with a Master in Architecture,
KU Leuven Campus BE-Ghent

studio Grand Tour led by Hugo Vanneste and Carl Bourgeois
2017 Medien Architektur, Bauhaus-universität, Weimar, Germany
2015. 2017 Master Architecture: Explorative Architectural Design:
Field Station led by Michiel Helbig and Corneel Cannaerts

Reverse Perspective led by Wim Goes and Johannes Berry
KU Leuven Campus BE- Ghent
2014. 2015 Photography, Sint-Lucas BE- Ghent
2012. 2016 Bachelor Architecture, KU Leuven Campus BE- Ghent
2007. 2012 Mathematical Sciences, O.L.V. ten-Doorn, BE- Eeklo
2006. 2012 Theater/Drama, Kunstacademie Eeklo
2008. 2010 Percussion & Opera, Muziekschool Eeklo
2011. 2012 Drawing Art, Kunstacademie Eeklo
2012. 2016 Silkscreen, Kunstacademie BE- Eeklo